Art and Physical Education

The art program in Douglas Rural Schools creates “art” through drawing, painting, and other forms of artistic expressions.  
Children’s art represents one of the delight of childhood. Students complete projects over the course of one days lessons to over the course of three weeks.  Art is taught from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and usually the K-3 students complete the same projects as the 4-8 students.  Mediums use in art class range from pencils, markers, colored pencils, chalk, oil crayons, etc.

Rural schools host two art shows a year, one at Christmas for our holiday program and another to celebrate the spring during our program in May.  
Every three years during the spring, the children also produce projects that they will trade during the Wyoming History Rendezvous.  This projects consist of trade items that were traded between the Native Americans and Mountain Men during rendezvous throughout history.

Square Dancing in PE